The main car rental companies have their offices at Orlando Airport and cars are located across the road in the multi storey car park.

Check to see if the company you choose offers a ‘preferred customer’ pre-registration scheme.  If so, register for a card and skip the queues at the desk, just walk straight to the booth in the car park to collect your car.

On site car rental companies at Orlando International Airport

US Car Hire  Informative site offering competitive all inclusive quotes +  SAT NAV hire.


Remember to always carry your driving licence and car rental agreement in the car.  
If you have a paper driving licence carry your passport for photo ID.

Always come to a complete stop at the STOP signs on the road.
At most junctions it is legal to turn right on a red traffic light, however, there are exceptions and you will see a sign stating ‘NO RIGHT TURN ON RED’ when it is forbidden - usually at major road junctions.

If you are stopped by a Police car, remain in the car and wind down the window.

When parking at the theme parks it can be difficult to remember where you parked, so make a note of your licence plate if it is not on your key ring (it is amazing how many white mini vans there are!)
The car parks are divided into different areas eg. Mickey, Minnie etc. to help guests remember!  
Ensure doors and windows are locked.

We have found it is cheaper to book your car and pay in advance for all the insurances.  When comparing quotes remember to check how many drivers are included if there is likely to be more than one driver.  If given the option we always choose to bring the car back with a full tank of fuel rather than take back empty. If you use a toll road you must stop and pay the required fee at the toll booths.
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